As a teenager, my son loved watching his brother play high school sports but, because of his disability, he couldn’t do the same. Then I heard about a wheelchair basketball clinic at the YMCA and I took my son to it not knowing what to expect. My son was shown how to use a sports chair and enthusiastically joined the other teens in learning the skills and rules of the game. He was in it to win from that moment. He has gone on to become a high school adapted track star and a state champion and is one of a few in the country competing in cross country track. Now his brother loves watching him compete!

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  • Thunder Sport Wheelchair Frame by PER4MAX

  • 25" Wheelchair Inner Tubes (2)

  • Hatch Wheelchair Gloves

  • Kenda 25" Wheelchair Tires (2)

  • Velcro Lap/Foot Strap

  • Replacement Seat Cushion

  • 25" Standard Sun Rim Wheel (1)

  • SAI Adapted Sports Camp athlete fee.

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