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Pledge Perks and Drawings

We appreciate your generosity in supporting public radio in Kodiak! To show our appreciation, we have some KMXT/KODK goodies for you. New this year is the KMXT/KODK Network Card for donors at the Minke level and above - use this card at participating local shops to get a discount - good through October! Every donor will receive a KMXT/KODK Public Radio sticker.

We also have all sorts of exciting drawings after the drive - for example, all supporters who pledge at least $25 will be entered into a drawing for two Alaska Airlines Tickets, anywhere they fly!

  • KMXT/KODK Public Radio Supporter sticker
    Donation at the Orca Level (minimum of $15/Quarter)
    Minimum Donation Amount:$15.00
  • Public Radio Sticker & KMXT Network Card
    Donation at the Minke Level (minimum of $10/Month)
    Minimum Donation Amount:$10.00
  • Sticker, Card and Pick2 (hat, pint glass, mug)
    Donation at the Humpback Level (minimum of $15/Month)
    Minimum Donation Amount:$15.00
  • KMXT/KODK Supporter Sticker, Network Card and KMXT Hoodie or Fleece
    Donation at the Gray Whale Level (minimum of $20/Month)
    Minimum Donation Amount:$20.00
  • KMXT/KODK Supporter Sticker, Network Card, Fleece Pullover and a mug or hat
    Donation at the Fin Whale Level (minimum of $31/Month)
    Minimum Donation Amount:$31.00
  • KMXT Kit and Kaboodle
    Choose any mixture of the above items.
    Minimum Donation Amount:$50.00
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Alaska Airlines Frequent Flyer Number (we'll give you an airline mile for each dollar you donate)
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