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  • EXPLORER supports development of a Knowledge Platform to share Half-Earth information and strategies

  • 87 FOR 87. Helps to celebrate E.O. Wilson's 87th Birthday and bring his wish for Half-Earth to life!

  • SCOUT promotes the discovery and classification of new species through Global Biodiversity Census projects

  • NAVIGATOR integrates data to create maps that drive decision-making around what areas we need to protect to get to Half-Earth

  • HALF-EARTHER provides support for model conservation initiatives around the globe that protect and restore biodiversity

  • MENTOR supports the regional biodiversity research of Half-Earth Chairs and their mentorship of Half-Earth Scholars

  • PRODUCER funds the production of Half-Earth films and media events that engage the public in the importance of Half-Earth

  • CHAIRMAN’S INNER CIRCLE become a member and enjoy fireside chats, lectures, dinners and other private events with E.O. Wilson.

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