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SAEF Annual Fund Raisers

SAEF Announces First Juried Alumni Art Exhibit 

SAEF and the Springfield School District have announced plans to hold the first Juried Alumni Art Exhibition, on November 11th and 12th located in the new high school. Event Free To the Public! 2022 SAEF/SHS Alumni Juried Art Exhibit - Artwork & Artist Info

  • GOLF: SAEF Golf Tournament Helicopter Ball Drop Raffle
    Closest 3 Balls to the Pin Will Each Receive $500. $20 Donation for each ticket. (Need not be present to win. Should the round of golf be played but weather conditions are unfavorable for helicopter drop, a random draw will be done during dinner hour) Tickets numbers will be mailed to donor, or given to donor at golf outing if time does not permit.
    Minimum Donation Amount:$20.00
  • GOLF: Single Player
    Minimum Donation Amount:$350.00
  • GOLF: Foursome
    Minimum Donation Amount:$1,400.00
  • GOLF: Sponsor - Hole Sponsorship
    Minimum Donation Amount:$150.00
  • GOLF: Sponsor - Range Sponsorship
    Minimum Donation Amount:$300.00
  • GOLF: Sponsor - Bronze Medal Sponsorship
    Minimum Donation Amount:$1,500.00
  • GOLF: Sponsor - Silver Medal Sponsorship
    Minimum Donation Amount:$2,000.00
  • GOLF: Sponsor - Gold Medal Sponsorship
    Minimum Donation Amount:$3,500.00
  • GOLF: Sponsor - Platinum Sponsorship
    Minimum Donation Amount:$5,000.00
  • GOLF: Sponsor - Titanium Sponsorship
    Minimum Donation Amount:$7,500.00
  • GOLF: Sponsor - Blue/Gold Sponsorship
    Minimum Donation Amount:$1,000.00
  • GOLF: Sponsor - Helicopter Drop Sponsorship
    Minimum Donation Amount:$2,500.00
  • GOLF: Sponsor - Dessert Sponsorship
    Minimum Donation Amount:$500.00
  • GOLF: Dinner Guest
    Minimum Donation Amount:$60.00
  • Art Show: Sponsor: Picasso Sponsorship
    Minimum Donation Amount:$200.00
  • Art Show: Sponsor: Rembrandt Sponsorship
    Minimum Donation Amount:$100.00
  • Art Show:: Sponsor: Monet Sponsorship
    Minimum Donation Amount:$50.00
  • Philadelphia Boys Choir - Soprano Level Sponsorship
    Minimum Donation Amount:$500.00
  • Philadelphia Boys Choir - Alto Level Sponsorship
    Minimum Donation Amount:$250.00
  • Philadelphia Boys Choir - Tenor Level Sponsorship
    Minimum Donation Amount:$100.00
  • Philadelphia Boys Choir - Bass Level Sponsorship
    Minimum Donation Amount:$50.00
  • Philadelphia Boys Choir - Reserved Ticket
    Minimum Donation Amount:$30.00
  • Philadelphia Boys Choir General Admission
    Minimum Donation Amount:$20.00
  • Philadelphia Boys Choir Senior Citizen
    Minimum Donation Amount:$15.00
  • Philadelphia Boys Choir Student
    Minimum Donation Amount:$15.00
  • Philadelphia Boys Choir - Group Sales (Minimum donation $10 per person for groups of ten or more)
    Minimum Donation Amount:$10.00
  • Philadelphia Boys Choir - Parents of Performing Students
    Minimum Donation Amount:$10.00
  • SCHOLARSHIP: Dennis Lauffer Scholarship Fund
    Minimum Donation Amount:$15.00
  • SCHOLARSHIP: Luca Del Negro Music Fund
    Minimum Donation Amount:$15.00
  • SCHOLARSHIP: Karl R. Schaefer "Know Thyself" Memorial Award
    Minimum Donation Amount:$15.00
  • SCHOLARSHIP: Ace Bell Scholarship Award
    Minimum Donation Amount:$15.00
  • Scholarship: SSD Business 'Jeans on Friday'
    Minimum Donation Amount:$50.00
  • SHS Replica Shelf Sitter - add $9 for out of town shipping for a total donation of $34.
    Minimum Donation Amount:$25.00
  • SHS Holiday Ornament
    Add $1.00 (for each ornament) for out of town shipping - Minimum Donation $15.00 - Two for $25.00
    Minimum Donation Amount:$15.00
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