WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ABOUT ARPF: I am editor of a newsletter for seniors and do a lot of research for articles. I came across Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation and found it to be a very useful tool. Their research for Alzheimer's disease is innovative and the reports detailed enough for the professional yet easy enough for family members and caregivers of Alzheimer's patients to understand. They offer insight on treatment options that are "outside the box" and without the use of a lot of medications. Keep up the great work! Terry Ellinger, Baltimore County Department of Aging

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  • Kirtan Kriya Audio CD
    ARPF research reveals that doing the Kirtan Kriya yoga meditation for 12 minutes a day improves memory, concentration, and attention.This exercise also increases mental energy, improves your genes, and decreases depression and inflammation. Yours FREE, with the minimum $20 Donation above.
  • Kirtan Kriya - MP3 Downloadable file
    Same as the Kirtan Kriya Audio CD, but available for immediate download. When your purchase is complete, you will receive an email with a link to download the MP3 audio file and a printable PDF of Kirtan Kriya instructions. The email will also include a link to an MP4 audio file for iTunes users. Yours FREE, with the minimum $20 Donation above.
  • ARPF Bracelet with Elephant Medallion
    "An elephant never forgets." ARPF has developed a "Memory Band" with a charm of an elephant to help remind us of the kind of mind we can have - a sharp mind that we can keep that way as long as we follow the 4 Pillars of Prevention™. This is a fun reminder you can not only prevent or delay Alzheimer's disease, but help eradicate it as well. Join us in our mission by purchasing a memory band for yourself and those you love. Yours FREE, with the minimum $20 Donation above.
  • Programa de Longevidad Cerebral e-Book
    Ahora en español, este libro electrónico es una versión abreviada de 37 páginas de Brain Longevity, el libro del Dr. Khalsa. En este avance del libro electronico, el Dr. Dharma demuestra que el cerebro humano - carne y hueso como el resto del cuerpo - pueden ser atendido, fortalecido y mejorado a través de un programa integral de dieta, cambios de estilo de vida, y la medicina. Este libro electronico nos muestra cómo podemos trabajar para aumentar la potencia cerebral. GRATIS, con la donación minima de $20 en cima de la página.
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