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With your gift of a $100 or more, we would like to send you a copy of one of the following books authored by a GSI leader. The greatest gift you give is to tell your friends, family and co-workers about GSI. Click here to find out how to give the greatest gift: your good word.
  • The Sovereignty Revolution by Alan Cranston
    "The Sovereignty Revolution, finished shortly before his death, gives voice to his visionary understanding of how to create a world with more friends and fewer terrorists...President Bill Clinton
    Minimum Donation Amount:$100.00
  • Creative Dissent by Douglas Roche
    Featuring a compelling introduction by the Rt. Hon. Joe Clark, Canadas 16th Prime Minister, Creative Dissent: A Politician's Struggle for Peace recounts Douglas Roche's life story. Roche is one of only three Canadians who has served his country as a Member of Parliament, Ambassador and Senator. Over the past 30 years, he has emerged as one of the world's most passionate advocates for nuclear disarmament.Funny, tearful, exhilarating and exasperating, Roche looks back on his 80 years with admissions of mistakes, moments of triumph and, most of all, a feeling of being blessed by God with a productive life and devoted family. There are lessons here: about politics and the perils awaiting public figures, about bringing spiritual values to the public square, about never succumbing to the cynics. Most of all, the book is about one Canadian's passion for peace.
    Minimum Donation Amount:$100.00
  • No Time To Kill by Bruce Roth
    No Time To Kill is a holistic analysis of issues which threaten the extinction of life on a mass scale: WMDs, genocide, and terrorism. Roth focuses on these complex problems through the lenses of anthropology, psychology, tehology, sociology, law, p
    Minimum Donation Amount:$100.00
  • Global Conscience by Douglas Roche
    Beyond the widely publicized news of war, poverty, and human rights violations is the uplifting awakening of concern for our fellow human beings as nations are calling for a new global ethic to make the world a better place. By looking at what we have achieved, we are able to provide hope and empowerment. A "Yes, I can make a difference" mentality allows us to break free of the immobilizing fear, affirming that the route to public policies built on global conscience is possible.
    Minimum Donation Amount:$100.00
  • Other books offered by GSI
    See here: for a list of books offered by GSI. Choose one as your free gift with any donation over $100.
    Minimum Donation Amount:$100.00
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