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Thank-You Premiums

  • An Gathering of Good Sports
    Two tickets to Good Sport Night in Knoxville, Tennessee.
    Minimum Donation Amount:$500.00
  • Daily Yonder "Otter" Shirt
    Pun-ishingly delicious version of the popular Daily Yonder short-sleeved tee shirt.
    Minimum Donation Amount:$75.00
  • Soft-Sided Cooler
    This can handle more than just lunch. The versatile carry-all works as a duffel bag AND an insulated 12-can cooler!
    Minimum Donation Amount:$150.00
  • Long-Sleeve T-Shirt
    New design that is hot off the (screen) press.
    Minimum Donation Amount:$100.00
  • Travel Mug
    A favorite of road warriors everywhere in Yonder. This stainless mug is easy to clean, holds up to punishment, and looks good doing it. They are known to travel in packs.
    Minimum Donation Amount:$75.00
  • Daily Yonder Water Bottle
    At a desk, in the four-wheeler, on a backpack, by your bed - this stylish and functional 22 ounce bottle gets the job done.
    Minimum Donation Amount:$75.00
  • Daily Yonder Short-Sleeve Shirt
    You'll be styling and smiling in this Daily Yonder T-shirt, with the logo and our motto: "Keep It Rural." There aren't many of these classics left.
    Minimum Donation Amount:$75.00
  • Daily Yonder Bandana
    Complete your wardrobe with the stylish and useful Daily Yonder bandana.
    Minimum Donation Amount:$50.00
  • Daily Yonder Bumper Sticker
    Show your support for the Yonder to those driving behind you with this sharp-looking bumper sticker.
    Minimum Donation Amount:$25.00
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