What is the film about?

John, Mark and Marian grew up in the Seventh-day Adventist church, a worldwide denomination with 14 million members. They are also gay. Caught in the middle between who they are and a conservative denomination that teaches that homosexual relationships are a sin, they must choose between intimacy and the community they know and trust. Or is there a way to reconcile their faith and their identity?

People we've met

We met a young man who spent five years in a “change ministry.” He only recently started to explore the idea that he might not be able to change--and maybe God is okay with that.

We met another young man who isn’t out to his family and fears what will happen if/when they find out he’s gay. He’s from a country where LGBT individuals literally face the possibility of persecution and even death.

We met a woman who is worried about her job within the Adventist church if it’s known that she identifies as a lesbian.

We met a group of gay students on an Adventist campus who are actively trying to decide what God calls them to--must they be celibate? Or does a God of love understand their desire for a family? They’re looking for answers and an earnest conversation.


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