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A special offer: "Populist Dialogues"

If you can make a larger gift, we'll send you one or more dvds of our interview show, "Populist Dialogues." You'll receive one dvd for a $50 donation, two for $100, or all three for $150. If you would like one DVD, please make your selection below. For orders of two or more, please select the "I'd like more than one DVD" donation button, indicate the quantity you'd like to order in the box below, then contact Barbara Clancy at 781-894-1179, or to let her know which dvds you'd like. You can learn more about these shows at the Populist Dialogues website,, and read more detailed descriptions of the guests and content at this post on our blog: If you have any questions, please contact Barbara. Thanks for your support!
  • "Escaping the Great Recession with Public Banking"
    Ellen Hodgson Brown, founder of the Public Banking Institute, discusses how publicly-owned banks can help safeguard the economy.
  • "Capitalism of the Olympic Games"
    Jules Boykoff, associate professor of political science at Pacific University, discusses the economic and political costs of hosting the Olympics, who benefits, and the history of the modern games.
  • "Trans-Pacific Partnership and 'Free Trade'"
    Elizabeth Swager, assistant director of Oregon Fair Trade campaign, discusses this "NAFTA on steroids" agreement and its potential effects on jobs, taxes, and regulations protecting the environment, labor, and public health.
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